Wouldn’t you just love to hear about our bright and brilliant hospital shirt range, a collection of 100% cotton t-shirts that make you feel as good as you look? And wouldn’t you love to wear fashionable clothing printed with pictures and words that express the dark and light side of hospital life? Of course you would; keep calm and carry on reading.

Custom hospital clothing

Consulting our range of hospital shirts is enough to set your pulses racing. Using the latest technologies – ultrasound, CT scanning and MRSI, take your pick – the shirts have been imprinted with eye-catching motifs, selected by people like you. The dazzling colours will send your temperature soaring – white, black, blue, red, pink, grey and green – and playing doctors and nurses will never be the same again, we promise. With sizes running from S to XXL, and shirts with both long and short sleeves, and with round necks and hooded necks, you will find a shirt to suit every anatomy – even yours. Truly, it’s nothing short of a hospital emergency.


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