Hockey is a traditional English sport and it is not just for Private school girls, this fast paced game is played by both sexes from children right up to seniors level. Having the right T-shirt is every bit as important as your stick skills and that is where we can step in to help.

Cool shirts for Hockey players of every level

After the success of Sam Quek, Helen Richardson Walsh, Kate Richardson Walsh and the rest of the team in the Rio Olympics, hockey has had a stratospheric rise in popularity, not just with girls in after-school clubs but also adults of each gender. If you are starting up a hockey team or just getting together for a bully-off with friends, you can order a set of team shirts for every player. They can have the same overall design and even be printed with everyone's name (or nickname) on the back with a number. These shirts are available in unisex fitting for casual players or fitted male and female clothing designs for the more serious athlete. The T-shirts are fully machine washable and designs will still be crisp, no matter how muddy you might get.


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