Of all the characters in Commedia dell'arte, the one which still holds sway in the modern world is the harlequin who comes colourfully dress always in his distinctive clothing. Now you can emulate this arch fiend with bespoke harlequin T-shirts from Teezily. Get your hands on a cool shirt like this and you will surely be the envy of any party.

Channel your inner harlequin with this range of T-shirts

Here is a pub quiz fact for you: the distinctive diamond design of harlequin shirt is actually called a 'motley' how about that? So now you can impress friends, not just with your fab bold clothing but also your trivia knowledge. Harlequins have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance recently with the Marvel Universe's reintroduction of the Harley Quinn character, a girl who puts up with no silly boy games. These T shirts are available in male and female sizes from small to 5XL in either the classic t or a fitted feminine cut. Whatever design you choose, your new motley will soon become a favourite staple of your wardrobe. The choice is yours.


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