Need something to wear at a gig or on your next demonstration? A Fugazi shirt is a symbol of defiance in the face of authority. Fugazi are well known for their resolutely uncompromising stance on big business, the music industry in particular, and ethical issues. In the true spirit of the band, the clothing here at Teezily has been designed by other fans, not by a corporate machine.

Fight the System in a Fugazi T-shirt

For the uninitiated, Fugazi is a seminal hardcore post-punk band from Washington DC. Critically-acclaimed and known for their strong beliefs and contempt for the music business, they recorded seven albums, a movie and went on a succession of international tours between 1987 and 2001. Despite being on hiatus since 2003, the band's work is probably more relevant today than during their active years. Want to get the word out to more people? As more and more people are waking up to the exploitative nature of the system, you can spread the message that Fugazi stood for with a cool shirt! Find the right clothing for the message you want to make at Teezily.