International Friendship Day is backed by the UN and is celebrated in summer each year, usually around the 30 July. Why not have Friendship Day shirts made up to show your commitment and passion for this special day that celebrates everything that is good in the world? You can even have numerous shirts made up and sell them on to raise vital funds for your charity or organisation, or perhaps just gift one to your most special friends to show you care.

Bespoke Friendship Day shirts

Anyone hosting or organizing a special Friendship Day event can have individualised clothing printed to order, either for guests, participants or volunteers. Complete with symbols of love and friendship such as hearts and held hands, these t-shirts say more than words ever could, but you can still add your own words to make them extra special. Order a cool shirt for everybody with details of your Friendship Day event and if necessary, add the names of the wearers too. We sell 100% cotton shirts in short sleeve, in all sizes. Show how much you care with by ordering friendship-themed clothing today.