By process of natural selection, you’re sure to find a great evolution t-shirt among the Teezily assemblage. Our ever-changing range comes from imaginative, free-thinking designers, who have adapted admirably to their surroundings. Whether humorous, philosophical or scientific, something from our collection is sure to capture your imagination.

Darwinistic clothing designs

As unpopular as it made Darwin in his lifetime, modern, secular societies largely accept evolution as fact. For our purposes, it’s a topical and humorous subject for t-shirt design, especially when lampooning the popular “ape to man” diagram for various causes. The possibilities are endless. At Teezily, you’ll find lots of evolution-themed garments that are ready to wear straight off the shelf. You may also see personalised clothing, where you simply add your own name or details to the shirt to make it more individual. Creating and printing your own garments is also possible if you’re looking to acquire or sell multiple products (minimum target of 10 applies). We offer clothing to suit all seasons, including tees, sweatshirts and hoodies. A wide variety of colours and sizes is also available. If all this seems too good to be true, it’s not—it’s just progressive. Evolved.


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