Beethoven wrote a piece of music entitled 'For Elise', and Teezily's own work of art dedicated to the beautiful name Elise comes in the form of some very stylish T-Shirts. No matter what your tastes, you will find something that appeals to you in this cool T-Shirt collection.

Make your T-Shirt even more unique - have it personalised!

All Teezily's Elise T-Shirts can also be personalised. After all, though they may share the same name, all Elises are unique. A T-Shirt from this clothing range would also make a fabulous gift for a friend or family member who goes by this name. What could be more thoughtful than a customised T-Shirt in their favourite colour, featuring their name in fresh and chic looking lettering? The T-Shirts in this collection are: - Made from 100% high quality cotton - Emblazoned with cool designs - Available in a range of sizes - Available in a range of colours


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