No matter how you roll, you’ll always look cool in a dice t-shirt. You might be a gambler or a keen Monopoly player; your relationship with dice might be metaphoric. Maybe you’re just someone that likes taking chances, but there’s little risk in buying from us. Our stylish clothing collection comes from a diverse, talented crowd of designers, all with their own take on life.

Roll out your own clothing designs

Teezily t-shirts knock spots off rival brands, especially when it comes to our cubistically cool dice designs. Choose an off-the-peg shirt that is a finished article—ready to wear—or look for a personalised item where you simply add your name to the text to make it more your own. Creating and printing your own shirt is also possible, subject to a minimum sales target of 10 to get the die rolling. You can produce and sell a clothing design completely free of charge on Teezily, whether clothing your own friends and family or selling to a wider audience. We offer various types of attire, including tees, tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies. Teezily has something for everyone, with unisex and women’s fittings and a wide choice of sizes from S to 5XL.


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