Whether your surname Radcliffe or Craig, we can design a Teezily T-Shirt for you. Although a T-Shirt with your first name on it would look pretty run of the mill, we can design any Dan shirt to your specifications. If you are into judo or karate we can use the slogan "I am of the second Dan". You might make reference to the DJ with the same name as you, saying you have nothing on him.

Where does the name come from?

Most people are aware of the Hebrew link, it comes from Daniel and means "God is my judge." It is a Scandinavian name, apparently meaning someone from Denmark. This may not be that interesting on a cool T-Shirt, but it's your design. Possible you could also refer to being Desperate or being Daring, or maybe the Champion of the World. There are enough of you to make hundreds of pop references. Just a bit of research is needed to make the cool T-Shirt of your dreams, unique to your name. Please check out Teezily clothing soon at our website.


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