It's official, we've finally found something that's even better than cupcakes – cupcake shirts! Whether you're brilliant at baking, awesome at icing or just love to fill your tummy with yummy baked goods, why not tell the world how much you love sweet treats with one of these cool shirts?

Drool over the delicious designs on these cool shirts

With a wide range of clothing to choose from in this tasty theme, you'll be sure to find the perfect cupcake shirt to wear when you're baking your next batch... or eating them... or both! Teezily shirts are all 100% cotton and because they have been designed by the public, we're sure you'll find a motif that you love in no time at all. In fact, there are so many colours, shapes and sizes of cupcake shirts for you to pick from, you'll feel as spoilt for choice as you would if you were in a bakery. Oooh, we feel really hungry just thinking about them...!


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