There is something very English about cricket, foreigners just don't seem to understand it (and if they do, we steal them and put them in the England team anyway.) When kitted out in one of these T-shirts, you are dressed to thrill.

Take a cheeky single in these cool shirt designs

Next time you watch a game of cricket, collar the umpire after the match and ask him "Were the bowlers appealing?" he's probably heard all the cricket jokes before, but that is one of the best. Whether you are a fan or just a waiting batsman on a long balmy summer afternoon, these cool shirt designs from Teezily are the ideal item of clothing. If horse racing is the sport of Kings, cricket must be a very close second. All T-shirts are available in sizes from small (Jack Russell) to XXXXXL (David Boon) and are made from fully breathable cotton, so you won't get uncomfortable, even on the hottest day. For lady supporters, there is also a feminine cut shirt, available to the same high QC templates. Howzat?