If you work in the colourful catering industry, why not say something comical or cutting about it on the front of a chef t-shirt? Teezily draws on the talents of many people to create funny or thought-provoking t-shirts on almost any subject. Have a look at our chef designs and see what rings true for you. If culinary masterpieces are your livelihood, cool t-shirts are our bread and butter.

Cook up Your Own Personalised Design

Whatever your role as a chef is and wherever you work, you’ll find something you can identify with among our chef t-shirts. Many of them portray the job generally, while others might reflect on what it’s like to be a sous chef, a pastry chef or a sauce chef. Some are witty, others hilarious. Some just declare a love of the job. One thing they all have in common is originality—this is a place where you’ll find unusual designs. Teezily t-shirts come in a wide variety of sizes and in men’s and women’s styles. You also get to pick a colour in most cases. Our t-shirts are a little like menus: you can have a ready-to-wear design (fixed menu) or a personalised design (à la carte) where you add your own name or details for extra fun. Tell the world who’s boss and order your chef’s t-shirt now.


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