Make every day Canada Day and show off your Canadian patriotism in style with a Teezily T-shirt. Tell the world that you are all ice hockey, maple syrup and are infused with the adventurous spirit of the outdoors. If you know where your doughnuts should be from, then a cool shirt from us will let everyone know.

Oh, Canada; what fabulous clothing!

Fear not, our slogans are not as dull as Canadian politicians, but instead are chock full of witty sayings and phrases. Teezily clothing is suitable for all and comes in a huge range of sizes and colours. Choose between long and short sleeves, all you have to do is tell us. Every shirt comes in 100% cotton and with a comfy round neck. Anyone who has had the time of their life in the largest country in the world will want to remember it with a fabulously cool shirt. Remember it all from the Maritimes to the melting-pot cities, mountains, and prairies. If you are prouder of Canada than a bilingual moose celebrating the arrival of the Queen, then shout it out loud and proud with a Teezily t-shirt.


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