Boxing is a sport with its fair share of showmanship, glitz and glamour, so why not bob and weave a bit yourself with a stylish boxing t-shirt? Our inventive and diverse crowd of artists is sure to have created a design that rings true with you. Check out our varied range of garments and get into the fighting spirit.

Personalise Your T-shirt Printing for Extra Punch

The Teezily range of boxing t-shirts features many ready-to-wear designs. Just add your name or maybe the name of your local boxing club to give the garment a personal touch. Choose a shirt that celebrates your favourite fighter, past or present, or that pays tribute to the sport itself. Maybe you’ll wear it to a big boxing event. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be boxing clever by choosing one of our shirts. They come in a wide range of easy-to-match colours and sizes and in men’s or women’s styles. Comfortable to wear, the t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and durable enough to last the full 10 rounds. Don’t get caught on the ropes; order your Teezily boxing t-shirt today and show support for your favourite sport or boxer.


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