We all have different outfits for different moods and when you are feeling playful, this collection of body piercing shirts could be just the ticket, obviously, you wouldn't wear it to a job interview but when the time is right, something like this will be a scream.

Get creative with fake body piercing from Teezily

It is not for everyone but there is something quite sexy about a nipple body piercing on a woman, some brash men get body piercings too, but that is their business. If you don't quite have the bravery to get the body piercing done in real life, the next best thing is to get one of these playful t-shirts which, from a distance, will look like you are wearing nothing at all. While you are at it, you can also give your boobs an extra cup and remove any embarrassing tattoos you might be regretting after that drunken night in Ibiza. The Emperor's new clothing look is easy to achieve and it is a cool shirt for clubbing, dancing or a hen party. The shirts are available in sizes up to XXL made from premium cotton and printed on dedicated machinery.


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