It’s what sets you apart, it’s what makes you who you are — these Arthur T-Shirts let you flaunt the originality of your name to the world. Symbolising brave nobility, you share your name with heroes like the King of the Round Table — so why not wear it with pride? Stylish and chic, the clothing here at Teezily are all designed by our users, thereby giving them a unique twist.

An Arthur T-Shirt for every mood

The first day at university or a party where you don’t know too many people — these are just a couple of situations where having some Arthur T-Shirts can be oh-so handy! Show off your attitude with the catchy one-liners and witticisms inscribed on these cool shirts. While you are picking out something so unique for yourself, don’t forget to customise these Arthur T-Shirts to suit your taste. Choose from long or short sleeves, select your favourite hue from our wide range of colours, and get the size that you are most comfortable in. Then, all that's left is to go forth and take the world by storm!


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