The name Amelie means 'hard working', and it is a name of French origin. This name is perhaps most famous thanks to the chic French film of the same name. However, you look at it, though this is a beautiful polysyllabic name and it deserves to be celebrated. Teezily's themed clothing collection is perfect for anyone who loves this name.

Looking for a fun gift for a friend? How about a T-Shirt?

If you know someone called Amelie, or perhaps somebody who just loves this name, you could always purchase them a stupendous gift by selecting a T-Shirt for them from this clothing range. Make the present even more exciting by having in personalised for them too. In sum, though, no matter if it is for yourself or for a loved one, an Amelie T-Shirt from this collection will have you looking as stylish as can be. These T-Shirts are very cool too, and they are: - 100% cotton - Able to be personalised if you wish - Available in plenty of different designs