Everyone thinks of Alice in Wonderland when they hear the name Alice but if you chose to have a Teezily designed T-Shirt you shouldn't feel restricted by the world of the White Rabbit and the chap with the hat. Are you sure you want to abandon Wonderland? A steampunk design maybe on your T-Shirt? A manga version? Modernist? No? Okay, fair enough.

Rocking it with Alice Cooper, Maybe?

That's only one idea, mind you. A T-Shirt with Alice the camel is another possibility. Something Australian on your T-Shirt to celebrate the town in North Australia, maybe a few springs as a clue to your name? The words "Living next door"? Okay, we admit it. It's quite tricky to get away from Lewis Carroll on your personalised T-Shirt. It's your design obviously, this is just a few ideas. Can you think of anything better? Teezily's 100% cotton T-Shirts are always open to your creative flourish.