If you are a bit of a budding artist and you have created a cool 3D design that just needs to be seen by the whole world, you could put it on Pinterest and social media and get a few likes for your 3D design. However, if you want to take it to the next level, get it printed on a cool T-shirt and then every time you are walking to home, work or school, people will turn to get a better look at your clothing. Winner!

Super trippy and hippy 3D clothing options

All colours and designs are up to you with Teezily; you can choose some of the stock effects or start with a blank canvas shirt on which to create your 3D masterpiece. At the end of the process you won't be able to wait for the postman to arrive with your cool shirt. Every shirt is given its own birth in the manufacture process so you can be sure that it really is being made to your exact spec, while you are at it, why not make a bulk order?


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