Teezily Concept

You want to collect money for a cause dear to your heart? You are part of a society, a sports club, a music band and want to promote your community? You have an influential blog, Twitter account or Facebook page? You are a talented designer? Teezily allows you to sell customised T-Shirts without any upfront costs.

You only have to create your product in the Teezilab, set a sales goal and share your campaign around you to get the maximum orders possible.

Once you've reached your goal, Teezily takes care of everything, from the printing all the way to the shipping. At the end of your campaign, you cash in your sales profits!

  • You will not have any upfront costs. The members of your community finance the manufacturing and printing of the products without you having to spend a single penny.
  • For once, you won't have to deal with a stock! At the end of your campaign, Teezily records the exact quantity of T-Shirts to manufacture, at the size chosen by your buyers.
  • Teezily has developed a unique textile customisation tool. The Teezilab allows each of you to create a T-Shirt you can be proud of in as little as 3 clicks.
  • Teezily guarantees a high standard service thanks to a selection of perfectly finished products and top of the range printing

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