Generate maximum sales

You are about to launch a Teezily campaign and want to make sure you achieve you goal? You will find here 7 useful tips to build and manage a successful campaign and generate the maximum orders.

1. Promote your campaign on social networks

Share the URL of your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They are the best tools to spread the word about your campaign. When you share your campaign, a preview of your creation is automatically added to the post to strengthen your communication. If your group has a page on social networks, you can also share the link there.

2. Create a Facebook event

Create a Facebook event and invite all your friends. It is the most reliable way to reach all your friends and contacts. The description of the event also allows you to say more about your commitment and don't forget to add pictures to illustrate it. You will find all the necessary information on

3. Send emails directly to your network

One of the most effective ways to communicate your campaign is to send a personalised email to each of your contacts. Indeed, your friends or relatives can become the ambassadors of your cause. Do not forget to link the URL of your campaign to your email and ask your friends to share it as well.

4. Insert the link of your campaign in your email signature

You'll be surprised to see the number of people clicking on the link that is in your email signature! It is a very simple but also very effective way to spread the word about your campaign as well as conveying your message.

5. Create a unique hashtag

Create a unique hashtag and share it via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Encourage your friends and family to share it. The hashtag will allow anyone to easily search for your campaign on social networks.

6. Use Facebook's promotional tools

From as little as £7, Facebook can help you promote your campaign by making it more visible. Your sponsored post will appear on top of your contacts news feed for 24 hours.

7. Price your campaign wisely

It is your job to find the ideal price, but make sure you do not underprice or overprice. You will sell many T-Shirts if the price is very low, but you will raise little money. On the contrary, if the price is too high, you may not reach your sales target.